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Snapchat iOS V12.46.0.67 Download (For Android)

Many Android users opt to download the iOS version of Snapchat for its unique features. However, iOS versions pose challenges for Android users. In this article, we guide iOS users on how to download and install Snapchat hasslefree on their devices. Click the download button below to get this version now.

If you are experiencing trouble with the Snapchat Premium APK, we explain the stepbystep process on our website.



Android 5.0 and up IOS

85 MB Size

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Snapchat IOS APK File Info

MOD NameSnapchat iOS APK
Size85 MB
File TypeAPK
CategorySocial Media

Features of iOS Snapchat for Android:

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Snapchat Camera:

Snapchat’s camera app offers various features like lenses, filters, and stickers, allowing users to enhance their photos and videos creatively. With these tools, you can capture captivating moments and add flair to your old photos and videos.

Snaps and Stories:

In Snapchat, you can send snaps and stories to your close friends, and they expire after 24 hours. You also have the option to customize the duration according to your preference.

Chat and Messaging:

In Snapchat, you have access to features like chat and messaging, allowing you to communicate with your friends via text. Additionally, you can engage in group video calls and send private calls and messages.


In Snapchat, you can explore various types of content, including published videos, stories, and sending snaps. You also have the opportunity to engage in different activities, such as viewing news updates and articles.

Snap Map:

The Snap Map feature in Snapchat helps you share your live location with friends, enabling you to share your whereabouts and let your friends know where you are.


You can save your favorite content, including images, videos, and stories, in Snapchat. Later, you can revisit them and preserve your memorable moments.


Snapcode is a unique feature in Snapchat that allows users to easily share their QR codelike Snapcode with friends. Users can share their Snapcode with friends, who can then scan it to add them on Snapchat.

Discover Friends and Discover Nearby:

The Discover feature proves to be very important, allowing users to search for new friends and see their closest friends, whom they can also add.

Filters, Lenses, and Effects:

Snapchat provides users with a wide range of features, including filters, lenses, and effects, which users utilize to enhance their old photos and videos, adding an extra charm to their content.

Privacy Settings:

Snapchat gives you full control over your privacy settings, allowing you to customize your privacy according to your preferences. You can hide your stories and more, and limit who can view them. Various features can be customized to align with your preferences in this manner.

How to Download Snapchat++ iOS & Install:

  1. Go to a trusted thirdparty app store.
  2. Download and install the thirdparty app store on your iOS device.
  3. Open the thirdparty app store and search for “Snapchat++.”
  4. Tap on the Snapchat++ app and then tap on the “Install” button.
  5. Once installed, go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.
  6. Trust the developer certificate associated with Snapchat++.
  7. Launch Snapchat++ from your home screen.
  8. Log in with your Snapchat credentials and start using Snapchat++ with additional features.
Snapchat IOS filters and install download

How to Download Snapchat on iOS Devices?

The iOS version of Snapchat is available on the Apple App Store. If you want to use the premium version for free, you can click on the link provided on our website to download it. This way, you can explore its additional features without any cost.

Snapchat iOS Pros and Cons:

  • Fun and creative messaging with filters and lenses.
  • Disappearing messages enhance privacy.
  • Stories and Discover feature offer entertainment and information.
  • Supports realtime communication through text, voice, and video calls.
  • Geofilters and Snap Map add a unique social element.
  • Privacy concerns and data breaches.
  • Potential for addiction and excessive screen time.
  • Presence of inappropriate content.
  • Limited discoverability of new users and content.
  • Resourceintensive, leading to battery drain and performance issues.


Yes, Snapchat is available for iOS devices.

Snapchat does not specifically require iOS 13, but it may require a minimum version of iOS for compatibility with the latest features.

Snapchat may not work on iOS 6 or older versions, as it requires a relatively recent iOS version for compatibility and security reasons.

To download Snapchat on iOS, you can go to the Apple App Store, search for “Snapchat,” and tap on the “Get” button to download and install it.

Snapchat for iOS is generally safe to use, but users should always be cautious about the information they share and be aware of privacy settings to control who can view their content.

Final Words:

Snapchat has become a necessity for every user, leading to the introduction of Snapchat iOS. While the free version has limited features, the premium version requires exploration due to various features like maps, filters, Snapcode, Discover, and Stories, which are provided completely free. Click on the download button above to download and install it. 

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