Snapchat++ APK is a modified version of the social media app that provides various features not present in the official Snapchat application. In this modified version, you can use features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Also can download HD stories and videos directly and use different filters. Download this modified version, click on the button below and download.

Version V13.01.0.12(Latest)

Developer SAM Mod

Android 5.0 and up IOS

70 MB Size

Updated Today

What is Snapchat++ APK

In the official Snapchat app, some features are available but insufficient to fulfill the user’s needs. As a result, users resort to using different apps to fulfill their needs, such as encountering difficulties in taking screenshots or saving videos. Users either struggle to take screenshots or use an extra app to save videos.

After that, there is absolutely no permission to download videos and stories. To solve all these problems, a modified version of Snapchat Plus Mod APK has been introduced, including various features. The features are explained in detail below.

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Snapchat++ APK File Info

MOD NameSnapchat++ APK
Size123.9 MB
File TypeAPK
CategorySocial Media
Android Vr4.4.2 UP

Features of Snapchat++ APK

Snapchat Mod APK includes various features, which are detailed below.

Save Snap and Stories

You can still view your favorite snaps and stories on Snapchat, but now you can also download them and save them securely on your device.

Disable Read Receipts

When you open someone’s snap, the sender receives a message that you have viewed it. Now, this won’t happen anymore. Snapchat Plus Plus APK provides you with the option to disable read receipts. After enabling it, whenever you open a snap, the read message becomes disabled, and the sender won’t know whether you’ve read it.

unlinmited Viewing Time

You can view a story for 1 to 10 seconds and cannot view it repeatedly. However, if you want to view a story multiple times without any hassle, now you can view it as many times as you want. Also, you can save your favorite stories, videos, and photos.

Advanced Filters and Effects

Have you also become bored with using Snapchat filters repeatedly? Well, now you’ll have access to advanced-level filters and effects that you can use to make your photos and videos more captivating.

Customization Options

You can also customize the Snapchat Premium APK dashboard according to your preferences, allowing you to personalize the dashboard according to your liking.

Free Map

In this new version, you can share your location with your friends and track their location to know their exact whereabouts.

No Ads

In this new version, you won’t see any ads in the Snap and Discover sections because it blocks ads to prevent user inconvenience and enhance their experience to the fullest.

Text Delete

In the app, messages sent are removed within 24 hours. However, you can still read and even record deleted messages in this version. Once you delete a message, no one else can read it. This feature is only for your convenience, not for other app users.

Bitmoji And Characters

You can also customize Bitmojis and characters created using your images and videos. You can share these customized character emojis with your friends, including cricket emojis you can create and share with your friends.

Snapchat Plus Plus Available Country

Snapchat Plus plus Availbale in 25 country The name which are listed below:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • India
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Oman
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Ireland
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • Austria

Downloading and Installing Snapchat++ APK

Downloading and installing Snapchat++ APK requires attention to detail to ensure your device’s security. Our guide provides a foolproof method for safely integrating this Snapchat Plus Mod APK into your digital routine.

Installation Process

Unlocking the potential of Snapchat++ APK involves a straightforward installation process:

  • Visit thе official wеbsitе to download thе APK filе.
  • In thе dеvicе’s sеttings, allow installation from thе option of unknown sourcеs.
  • To bеgin thе installation procеdurе, click thе filе that has bееn downloadеd.
  • Follow on-scrееn instructions to complеtе thе installation

Updating From Previous Versions

For еxisting usеrs sееking an upgradе:

  • Uninstall the previous version of Snapchat from your dеvicе.
  • Gеt thе most rеcеnt vеrsion of thе Snapchat++ APK from our official wеbsitе.
  • Follow thе installation procеss outlinеd abovе to updatе succеssfully.

The Pros and Cons of Snapchat++ APK

Exploring Snapchat++ features** comes with its set of advantages and considerations. While the app unlocks new potential, assessing the balance between its innovative features and the ethical and security implications involved is crucial.


  • Enhanced Features: Snapchat++ offers additional functionalities unavailable in the official app, such as saving snaps and stories without alerting senders, turning off read receipts, and accessing advanced filters and effects.
  • Unlimited Viewing Time: Unlike the regular Snapchat app, Snapchat++ allows users to view snaps and stories for as long as they desire, providing a more flexible and enjoyable experience.
  • Customization Options: Users can customize various interface aspects, tailoring Snapchat++ to their preferences and making the app more personalized.
  • Increased Privacy Settings: Snapchat++ offers additional privacy options, allowing users to control who can see their snap stories and profile information, thus enhancing privacy and security.
  • Ad-Free Experience: Unlike the official Snapchat app, Snapchat++ is ad-free, providing a more streamlined and uninterrupted user experience without annoying advertisements.
  • Risk of Account Suspension: Using third-party modified apps like Snapchat++ may violate Snapchat’s terms of service, leading to the suspension or banning of user accounts.
  • Security Concerns: Downloading Snapchat++ from unofficial sources may expose users to security risks such as malware or data breaches. It’s crucial to download from trusted sources to mitigate these risks.
  • Compatibility Issues: Snapchat++ may not be compatible with all devices or operating system versions, leading to potential technical issues or performance limitations.
  • Limited Support: Since Snapchat++ is a third-party modification, users may encounter limited support or troubleshooting options compared to the official app.
  • Potential Loss of Warranty: Installing unofficial apps like Snapchat++ may void device warranties or violate terms of service with device manufacturers or mobile carriers. Users should consider these implications before downloading.

Generally, yes, but download from trusted sources to avoid security risks.

Using unofficial apps like Snapchat++ violates terms and could lead to bans.

Yes, Snapchat++ is available as a modified version of the Snapchat app, offering additional features and functionalities not found in the official version.

The reliability of Snapchat++ can vary, as it is a third-party modification of the original Snapchat app. While it may offer additional features, using modified versions of apps like Snapchat++ can pose security risks and may violate the terms of service of the original app. It’s essential to exercise caution and consider the potential consequences before using such modified versions.

Using a Snapchat mod comes with inherent risks. These modified versions of apps like Snapchat may compromise user privacy and security, as they are not developed or endorsed by the official app developers. Additionally, using mods may violate the terms of service of the original app, potentially leading to account bans or other consequences. Therefore, it’s essential to weigh the risks and benefits before deciding to use a Snapchat mod.

Yes, Snapchat APKs can work, but they may pose risks and violate the app’s terms of service.

Snapchat has features like “Eye Tracking” and “Only You,” which use your device’s camera to detect if you’re looking at the screen. However, Snapchat doesn’t have access to your eyes specifically, nor does it have the capability to see only your eyes.

No, Snapchat++ is typically associated with iOS devices and is not widely available for Android devices.

No, you cannot use Snapchat++ and the official Snapchat app simultaneously on the same device.


The modified version of Snapchat++ APK helps you take screenshots, a feature not available in any other app. It also assists in downloading stories, videos, and photos. With features like using map-like functionality to share your location with friends and view their locations, creating emojis using your own images and videos, and even recording deleted messages, this modified version offers the best functionalities.

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